Brad Pitt Workout

You may often find articles over the web that is almost monopolized by the female population when it comes to staying in shape. The Hollywood men also has their own shares of workouts too in order to stay as trim and hot as they look in the wide screen.

Of course, men are known to shed off the calories easily as compared to the women even if they twice as much as the latter. But to completely show off a six pack abs, certainly men have to put on a lot of effort as well.

For the movie Troy, Brad Pitt Workout  prepared himself well. He started of by discarding his cigarette habits and mellow down on the beers and junk foods. He stated that he also had his own share of cheating from time to time by ordering out some desserts from McDonald’s in the form of McFlurry shakes.

Brad has adhered to a low-carb diet along with high-protein based foods when he was preparing for his part for the movie. His weight training took about a year. He shares that, during the first trimester of his workout, it was composed of spending 2 to 3 hours in the gym and 2 more hours for sword movements. Alongside such training, his daily consumption of foods consists of 4 high protein and low carb diet. He managed to shape up to an additional 10 pounds of pure muscles.

It is noticeable at how he looked firm for his lead role in the movie “Fight Club”. He also had a series of rigorous Brad Pitt Workout which is composed of the following:

On Mondays:

  • He usually had a chest workout composed of push ups, nautilus press, nautilus incline press and pec deck machine. He performs three sets for each exercise with 20 to 30 repetitions.

On Tuesdays:

  • He does his back workout for Tuesdays with pull ups, seated rows, lat down pull downs and T-bar row. This is done in three sets with 20 to 30 repetitions for each.

On Wednesdays:

  • This is for the Shoulders. He performs an Arnold press, laterals and front raises. Also done in three sets for each and with 20 to 30 repetitions individually.
  • On Thursdays:

    • This would be for the Biceps and Triceps workout. It is composed of the nautilus curl machine, ez curls cable, hammer curls and push downs performed in 3 sets again for each and with 20 to 30 repetitions.

    On Fridays:

    • He spends 45 minutes on running on the treadmill with an MHR of 65 to 76%.

    And for the weekends, he usually has his rest to recuperate for the upcoming week of the same intense workout.

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